( 9 ) Abandoned Water Park Resort

Abandoned Water Park Resort

We venture out to an abandoned water park resort at night that was recently condemned in April of 2017. The resort received a report about the power being shut off, they soon figured out that the whole resort was without power and had no choice but to close the hotel for good. The place was recently purchased for nearly $3.6 million. When we went inside we saw fully made beds, LG TV’s (now all removed as they’re constantly inside altering things as we speak), and lot’s of other things left behind and forgotten. We went at night for two weeks. Week 1, we just scoped out the place, and got most of our video in and some pictures. Week 2, we noticed so many changes and lots of things were removed and gone. We also got some more extra shots as well as explored some new areas. We also noticed the power was on as if it looked like we were the stars of a horror movie. It was a pretty scary sight. Overall the hotel was one of our best explores and we hope to venture to more places like this! In the end of the video, you’ll see that we almost get seen by the security guard that is roaming the premises constantly to make sure no one is inside. We didn’t get caught, but we almost did.

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