WARNING: We’re not responsible for your action(s). Whatever you do can result in punishment by law & or property owners. We don’t suggest doing what we do, but we can’t really stop you from doing it. Trespass at your own risk. 

We’re just a few adventurous people trying to excel in our life by exploring our world and finding new adventures to take on. We got bored with just sitting around our houses all day long, and we instead wanted to make something of our lives that we will all look back upon and remember greatly.

We are two close friends (Jacob & Michael) from Chicago, IL and we seek out abandoned places and record, photograph, and share our findings for the world to see. We just take photos, and videos, nothing else. It’s just like the saying: “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos“. We try to aim for the highest quality explores & videos as we can possibly give, and try to find the most relevant places like: schools, factories, banks, etc.. basically places both of us would want to see.

Cool…. Umm Why???

We honestly are all adventurous in our life, right? I (Jacob) found Urban Exploration out by watching others do it on YouTube. Shortly after, I wanted to start doing it myself. I gathered 2 of my close friends (literally we live 5 minutes away from each other), and we ventured off to our first exploration (Abandoned House) We all instantly got attached and wanted to make exploring abandoned places a regular thing.. And so we did! There is also something about seeking out and exploring abandoned places that we really can’t explain. We feel like we step into a world where time has stopped and it’s only us there to witness history at it’s finest time. Are we crazy? No, we’re just normal people who want to see a new futuristic twist on life, and a little adventure never hurts anyone.

PS… We don’t share our locations, sorry. We don’t want any vandals or scrappers damaging our locations we explore.

If you want to learn more about us and or ask us questions, feel free to email us at: avocationdecayproductions@gmail.com

••• Avocation Decay Productions (Urban Exploration Crew)